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Our Torah Scroll

When LIM members became a Jewish community in Lincoln and first met for prayer in January 2011, there was a sense of not being complete as a community because we did not own or have the use of a Torah scroll. Having a scroll in an Ark would make for a sense of wholeness as a community. A lack of a Torah also meant that there could be no traditional Shabbat morning service. Reading the Sidra from a Chumash would have been possible, but hardly the ‘real’ thing.

Imagine our delight and surprise, therefore, when we were contacted by the tiny York Jewish community who asked if we knew of any community that could make regular use of the Torah scroll that they owned. This scroll had not been used in many years and had almost no prospect of ever being used again.

We described LIM as a synagogue in Lincoln that comprised Lincoln Jews who were seeking to obtain a Torah scroll. We explained our ethos and spiritual journey and asked if we could be the community they had in mind. Without hesitation York made the hugely generous offer of giving LIM the scroll in perpetuity. With the scroll came a beautiful silver ‘yad’ .

There were literally tears of joy and high emotion when the scroll was first brought into LIM’s next meeting. The script is beautifully clear and the parchment treated with a chalk coating to protect it. The only slight drawback is that this scroll weighs a ton compared to the average scroll. So we usually ask two of our stronger members to do ‘hagba’!

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