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Siddur Eit Ratzon

When LIM members first met for prayer as a formed synagogue in Lincoln, there was an immediate recognition of the wide disparity in knowledge of the Hebrew language, understanding of the prayers and ability to participate at the same level of intensity. And not everyone had the confidence to sing out loud!! Members did not feel themselves empowered, in the way that they had hoped when first forming this Lincoln synagogue, to be able fully to engage in a spiritual Jewish journey in a safe environment among like-minded Jews in Lincoln.

To meet all these needs, LIM members agreed to buy the Siddur Eit Ratzon, written and published by Joseph Rosenstein, mathematics professor and Jewish educator. This prayer book meets everyone’s needs because of its unique layout. Every double page is divided into four columns as shown in the picture with one for commentary and/or meditations, one for the original traditional Hebrew liturgy, one for an English translation of the Hebrew and finally and of greatest importance, one for a full transliteration of the Hebrew.

It is this latter column that has so empowered LIM members who now all join in with Hebrew liturgy that had hitherto been beyond their ability to read or sing. The other feature of this Siddur is that it follows a very traditional path of Jewish liturgy enabling members to experience the same prayers, piyyutim and other liturgical content as any modern traditional community. For more details of this Siddur visit

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