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What Our Members Say

"Lim is more traditional than Progressive Judaism but still egalitarian which suits me perfectly. The Community is extremely important and high on my radar. I am particularly happy with the cohesive way we all work together, from the kitchen, to the service, to the food then back to the kitchen sink! I think the Siddur makes for a happy gathering enabling everyone to join in whatever their degree of Hebrew. Another important aspect for me is that we all played a part in founding LIM as a new Jewish community in Lincoln which makes one protective and nurturing for its future growth. This our embryonic and very special Shul."   -Ruth

"The important things for me are the community and independence. We have no hierarchy. All who attend bring to the services what they can and take from the services what they need. Whilst we use a form of Siddur any Jew will feel happy with, there is no set dogma. Independent means just that. We are a small but thriving Jewish community in Lincoln who genuinely care for each other and accept newcomers with open arms."   -Natan

"When I joined LIM I was made to feel very welcome and not at all self-conscious with my limited knowledge of ‘biblical’ Hebrew. The excellent Siddur with the transliteration column helped enormously. I also liked the fact that LIM is non political; there is no committee, no jealousy or one-upmanship, everyone is there for a common purpose, to see friends and to pray in their own way. Being one of the few Jews in Lincoln, I find our Services are something to look forward to, and the Shabbat meal is always varied and excellent."   -Edna

"No matter how bad the working week has been, I always find that the reflective and prayerful atmosphere of a LIM service makes the stress melt away and leaves me with a sense of peace. Having a meal together afterwards, among the laughter and chatter, is like enjoying a celebration with a loving family. LIM is not an organisation we join. Instead, the coming together of each individual person makes up the community of LIM and every single person’s contribution is valued. That helps us all stride out along our individual journeys in the Jewish faith."   -Karen

"The decision to form LIM came about because enough of us Lincoln Jews had a desperate need for a traditional, spiritual and meaningful Jewish experience here in Lincoln. We are all like-minded such that the synergy of our gatherings far exceeds the sum of the individual contributions. There is warmth, a friendship, a non-judgemental acceptance of everyone’s different Jewish journey and a strong cohesive desire to be supportive, tolerant, inclusive and patient so that everyone can feel valued."   -Steve

"LIM offers me a warm, friendly, family atmosphere so that I feel comfortable in the services and really enjoy the eating and studying together."   -Micky

"I am among the founder members of LIM and am proud to have been there from the start. Our meetings enable me to continue to practise our faith, which gives me a sense of purpose and belonging. Also, I have gained many friends."   -Jane

"The Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks, recently described a synagogue as being ' a place where people open their hearts to G-d and to one another'. He could well have been describing the Lincoln Independent Minyan."   -Dorothy

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