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Although members of LIM have opted to be independent of any organised synagogue body or network, we nevertheless fully recognise that not everyone shares our views. Members of LIM have not closed their minds to the opportunities and support that can be gained from contact with regular and recognised synagogues both in the area and nationally.

Everyone who comes to a LIM service will be made most welcome even if they are members of and wish to remain members of another synagogue or synagogue movement. What LIM offers is an egalitarian, inclusive experience that seeks to remain as close to the tradition of our faith as we are able within the limits of our knowledge and skills.

LIM is very happy to help any website visitor to locate any of the other mainstream UK Jewish synagogue organisations. They can be found at:

Lincoln Jewish Minyan's blog

The United Synagogue

Assembly of Masorti Synagogues

The Movement for Reform Judaism

Liberal Judaism

The Federation of Synagogues

Spanish & Portuguese Jews' Congregation


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