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Forming LIM

Independently, 12 like-minded Jews in Lincoln, England, found they had a common interest in their individual desire and need to have a regular outlet to express their Jewish spirituality. They decided that they would form a Jewish community in Lincoln by setting aside time each month to pray together, eat together and to study more deeply aspects of Judaism.

Building on this combination of friendship and a desire for greater spirituality and understanding of our Jewish heritage, the Lincoln Independent Jewish Minyan (LIM) was formed in January 2011. The group has no leaders and values equally the contribution of everyone who is present. We meet monthly on either Erev Shabbat or Shabbat morning, or to celebrate a festival. At every meeting we end with a communal meal and some study.

There are very few Jews in Lincoln, but LIM is proud to be another synagogue in Lincoln and to welcome all who would like to share this journey into a deeper Jewish commitment. We believe that anyone can be part of LIM as well as being a member or friend of other Jewish communities - LIMís core tenet is inclusivity. As a Lincoln Jewish Community we are conscious of our responsibility to offer a Jewish experience to any visiting Jews who seek a Jewish Community in Lincoln.

We share equally the catering task bringing either strictly kosher non-meat foods, or strictly vegetarian. Every meal is different, delicious and a wonderful way to celebrate our friendship and our Jewish cohesion. In addition to sharing the catering co-ordination, LIM members also share the many other tasks necessary to maintain the organisation.

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