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Davening with LIM

LIM members have created their own style of davening. We face East, of course, with the Torah Scroll on a table covered with a beautiful damask cloth, but we arrange the chairs slightly further apart than normal to allow everyone to have their own ‘space’ for prayer. Whoever is leading the service does not face the others, but either stands or sits among them. Thus, no-one need feel self-conscious that they are being watched.

Not everyone has the ability to act as a Shliach Tsibbur (prayer leader), but most have tried their hand at leading some part of a service which has proved to be a very rewarding and empowering experience. Our ethos is to help and support anyone who does want to take an active role, yet allow others to simply be there and capture the moment if that is what their need is.

Although we are a Jewish community in Lincoln, LIM members have also made the conscious decision not to be a part of any organised synagogue movement. Being part of none means we can create our own spiritual norms. We have agreed that we will seek to be as traditional as possible within the limits of our abilities. There is no attempt to become Liberal, Reform, Masorti or even Orthodox. There are elements of all theologies in what we do because that is what enables us Lincoln Jews to travel our own journeys together. We are all helping each other in an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and a safe place to express our own spiritual needs.

Because LIM members are often away from Lincoln, we have also agreed that we may use Skype or similar technology to connect to them when we meet. Even if we do not have a complete Minyan in Lincoln, if by adding in those on Skype we reach 10 or more of us we have agreed that this will count for the purposes of those aspects of davening that traditionally require the presence of a Minyan. We are therefore occasionally meeting as a ‘virtual’ community.

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